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How to Learn English

1. Speak a little English every day
2. Work on your pronunciation
3. Expand your vocabulary and use idiomatic phrases
4. Attend an English class or discussion group
5. Carry a dictionary
6. Listen to English radio or podcasts
7. Watch English movies and TV shows
8. Read an English book, newspaper or magazine
9. Keep a diary in English
10. Practice every day

See for yourself that you can learn a foreign language!

You learn as you want and when you want

Courses prepared by specialists

Fast and effective way to learn a language

System verification of your progress and test students' knowledge

Simple and intuitive platform to learn

The first step in learning is to prepare your mind and your environment. If possible, find yourself a quiet, comfortable, and relaxing studying environment with few distractions, so that you can focus single-mindedly on your studies. Avoid leaning back or lying down, since that makes us tired and diminishes our concentration. Instead sit upright with only your studying material in front of you. Whenever you start studying something new, the first thing you should do is overview the entire subject that you are preparing to learn. Then, set a clear learning goal for yourself and schedule the time you believe it will take to achieve that goal. The clearer, more relevant and intensely desired your learning goal is, the more you will be motivated to achieve it.

Practice until you can speak without thinking about each word!

If you read each section once and listen to the lesson once, you will probably finish in 10 minutes. But you will not be learning anything. Take the time to make each sentence a part of you. You should be able to say each sentence without thinking about it. Use the Interactive Conversation Practice session over and over again until you can be fluent for that category.

Don't be discouraged if a lesson takes you a long time.

Fluent English has been developed by a group of top specialists and teachers who have been engaged in foreign language teaching for years. The platform is rewarded and appreciated both by experts and users, as evidenced by numerous awards it received:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the course?

Each course consists of 1500 flashcards with vocabulary items organized into 15 categories. You will find around 100 words, phrases and useful sentences in every set. The categories include: everyday life, work, home, health, food, family, people, travel, business, money, technology, art, media, nature and weather. With the reading function you will be able to listen to the content on every flashcard.

When will I get access to the course?

You will receive access to your course as soon as your payment reaches our bank account.

How can I pay for the course?

There are four easy ways to pay for your courses: fast online payments, a credit card, money transfer or cash on delivery.

How can I start learning?

To start learning just press the “start” button next to your course in the “Start” section.

What can I do if I have some problem with the platform?

Should you have any problems or doubts using Fluent English feel free to contact our Customer Service: Phone: +420296180824